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QR Code Product

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Basic QR Code Package:

  1. QR Code for your organisation emailed as a PDF ready to print.
  2. e-Form to enter contact tracing information.
  3. 24/7 access to contact tracing information.
  4. Secure hosting.
  5. 6 month subscription.

Renewal fee: $6 every six months. Opt in.

Premium QR Code Package:

The Basic package plus:

  1. Your branding at the top of the QR Code printable sheet.
  2. Your branding on the top of the Google Form (instead of a COVID-19 image).
  3. Your website link in the confirmation message.
  4. 12 month subscription.

Renewal fee: $9 every 12-months. Opt in.

Note – To use QR Codes you will need to be in an area with cell phone or free wifi coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I place the QR Code?

You can put the QR Code in your window, adjacent to your entrance, in your car window, on your clipboard, at your counter.

How close does the phone have to be to the QR Code?

Approximately 1 meter. The larger you print the code the further away you can scan it.

What do I need to scan a QR Code?

To scan a QR code, you need a smartphone with a camera and, in some cases, a mobile app. An iPhone running iOS 11 (or later) comes with a built-in QR reader in its camera, and some Android phones also have native functionality. Other smartphones may require that you download a mobile app.

What if my customer cannot scan the code?

You have several options –

  1. They can enter the link under the QR Code in their browser.
  2. Another person ( such as a staff member or another customer) can add their information via the QR Code.
  3. You can have a backup paper register. This information can be entered at a later date.

Are there any more fees?

No. The initial package will take you through to your renewal and you will have to opt in to renew it.

Basic package is $6 for six months. You will be emailed to confirm you want to renew your subscription.

Premium package is $9 for 12 months. You will be emailed to confirm you want to renew your subscription.

QR Code Product